Silvia Salvioli
About me
I have always been passionate
about visual arts and since 2000 I am a professional. 
My experiences range from internal to external collaborations with communication agencies, companies, design studios, associations and institutions. 
I've also been teaching Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign softwares since 2005. 
I worked as a consultant for the Professional Institute "Confalonieri De Chirico” in Rome until 2010. 
I've been teaching at ABC Formazione in Rome since 2016. 
I obtained the Adobe ACA Visual Design Specialist certification in 2016. 
Now I'm working as a freelancer and my goal is to keep offering my clients highquality services and to support customers in their communication activities, creating their image from the logo to their corporate identity, designing their brochure and Annual Report including the creation and the development of the company's web site. 
Management skills, ingenious solutions and timeliness, 
for effective communication.